1.    Where can I play Pickleball in Grand Rapids, MN
The Outdoor Activity Center (ODAC) Pickleball Courts are located outside of the Grand Rapids, MN, YMCA? The pickleball courts are open to the public in the summer season     (usually mid-April to mid-October). In the winter, 3 Pickleball courts are set up in the gym at the YMCA, with    limited hours.  For the YMCA inside pickleball schedule, check the YMCA Web  page.  (Membership is required).  There are also opportunities for play that you can register for through Itasca Area Community Education.

2.    When can I play?
The court hours during the summer season are generally the same as the YMCA hours.  “Open play” is from 7am-11am.

3.    What does “Open Play” mean?  
Open play means anyone can play, but players must rotate out of a court to allow others in.  All 10 courts are labeled with “Procedures of Play” Instructions.  Please read and follow the procedures.

4.    How do I know what court to play on?  
All 10 courts are labeled with Pickleball Guru sheets to help you determine your skill level. Players choose a labeled court that matches their skill level; beginner, intermediate, or advanced. We have an intermediate and advanced challenge court with instructions posted.

5.    Do you have a Pickleball club?
Yes, Itasca County Pickleball Association (ICPA).  It is an active club with over 150 members.  We host fun events on the courts, skills and drills and socials for members. 

6.     Do you have any Tournaments?
Yes, our club hosts two tournaments. The Itasca Senior Pines Classic in June and the Lakes and Loons Classic in September. Registration is through Pickleballbrackets.com.