Board Members

We are beginning the process of nominating a slate of board members for the 2024-2025 term.  We will be looking for individuals who are interested in filling the following positions:

Secretary - (currently serving is Karen Buchert, not eligible for another term)  general responsibilities include:  recording and disseminating board meeting agendas and minutes, communications with the ICPA membership, arrssisting with the ICPA website and other duties as needed.  two year term

Treasurer - (currently serving is Ron Storlie, not running for another term) deposit money and write checks for expenses, provide income/expense records for board meetings, tax filing, and other duties and needed - two year term

At-Large Member - (currently serving is Carol Perrott, is interested in a second term) membership managment, social activities, tournaments, fundraising, and other duties as needed.  two year term
ODAC Advisory Board Representative - (currently serving is Kim Young, not eligible for another term) represents the interests of the ICPA membership within the ODAC advisory board, serves as one of two members on the ODAC Advisory Board. three year term

If you are interested serving on the ICPA Board in any of these capacities, please email Doreen Zierer at

The Itasca County Pickleball Association (ICPA) was formed in 2015 with the adoption of by-laws and an election of a Board of Directors. 

Doreen Zierer

Ken Johnson
Vice President

Karen Buchert

Ron Storlie

Carol Perrott